Dispute to Verdict(Babri masjid)
Dispute to Verdict(Babri masjid)

Ayodhya : Dispute to Verdict(Babri masjid)

  Babri masjid – It should not have come this part long. Every other mode of trying to settle this issue unfortunately had failed, so its best to whatever was the judgement we should go with that and everybody should concerned. As this problem has persisted since 1528, there is no more question of whether there was a temple or not, there are substantial evidences to shown there was a temple but above this we all know that it was a nature of those days that the invaders who came they thought that they are doing a jihad and with that perspective they did such things to build a mosque by demolishing the religious place of non-muslim community. It is very important that todays muslim community should not identify themselves with those people, also it is very important that todays hindu communities do not identify present generation of muslims with the atrocities of the past invaders. In the last 40-45 years in the two levels of excavation its clearly proved that there was a temple beneath the current mosque building. So evidence is substantial, it is some handful of people who calls themselves scholars and intellectuals who are not even archaeologists misguided the whole nation, made it as a hindu-muslim issue and somehow managed to divide the country but unfortunately it is not a hindu-muslim issue which most of us seems it as. We all know that for Islam Babri masjid does not represents Mohamad or any of his legacy, the respective mosque represent itself with Babur so definitely the islamic community should not identify themselves with the legacy of  babur because as doing that all the atrocities of Babur will also come upon their heads. When we talk about hindu then this is the place or legacy of their icon the Rama, its like Mecca for hindus.

When we talk about Babur third generation after chengiz khan and also related to taimur lang, the mongol invader and from where the mughal word came. The mongols expanded their kingdom and within the 100 years of spam killed over 40 millions of people which was nearly 10% of the world’s population at that time, Taimur lang has supposed to killed 17 millions of people in the cruelest possible way. Babur also did the same and sold thousands of women from india to the markets of kandhar and kabul. Chengiz khan and taimur lang did not erased so many civilazation for religion it was just for power and conquest but babur used the religious weapon very strongly because he thought he was doing jihad, many times he ransact muslim towns and muslim population also but he used islam as per his convenience. The building of mosque upon any temple can not out of devotion for islam but for the establishment of power and political benefits many rulers did it. Babur just used the islam religion to impact wherever he went. So todays indian muslims should not identify themselves with the legacy of babur, chengiz khan or taimur lang.

Now when we talk about Rama he never claimed that he was a hindu or never performed any offensive task upon which he can be questionable by other community, his life is full of modesty and sacrifice, he is not related to hindu or any community he is above all these insignificant things. He represents the cultures as an icon of stability, balance, peacefulness and justice, he holds all the right qualities which inspire people since a long time towards truthfulness and a righteous way of livelihood which are necessary to build a great civilization in this world and thus he is an icon in this nation. In the present generation we should not disturb his icon because humanity needs this type of icon for the shake of their goodwill. Even during the freedom struggle Mahatma Gandhi referred to Rama rajya which didn’t mean any hindu state or something like that it just means the best administration and a justice to all people. It is the matter of shame that Rama is the man against whom people are fighting for.

दिख जाता तुझमें भी राम अगर होता वो तेरे अन्दर में,
पर तू खुद ही उसे बिठा आया किसी बाबर के खंडहर में।

In islam when we talk about Mohamad he said, “The whole earth is a mosque for me”, he further added that mosque can be anywhere on this land it can be upon an open land but it should be clean in every way and can never be upon any disputed land. In these days can any muslim scholars make more inclusive statement than this? Can you move Rama from ayodhya and put him in any other part of the world or can you reconstruct mecca somewhere else, no its not possible. It is the thought, feelings and emotions of the people which attach them to these places. It is not about supporting any community, i’m only with the development of this nation which most of the people want but these kind of stuffs are bothering the nation since a period of time and intact as a hindrance on the path of advancement of this country.

As in 1855 there was a terrible riot reagrding the same issue but in 1857 both hindus and muslims came together to fight the war of independence, the then britishers understand the situations and came up with many plans to divide the two community, let us not be a slave of that divide as today after 72 years of independence whatever you are either hindu or muslim it always relates to personal faith but we belongs to this nation first. India have many problems of poverty, education, employment and much more but instead of addressing that we are just creating new problems in the name of religions and its legacy.

A lot of people are using this problem  as an investment  to build their own political futures or to create nuisance in the name of religion for their separate benefits and own personal agendas. So if you look up at their way how they discredited the archaeological survey of india and whatever be the evidences they came up with. You can debate on either Rama was born there or not as its over 6000 years ago and nobody can geographically fix it but going by the evidences there was definitely a temple and everybody knows this. Muslim community just feel wrong that the mosque was broke down and it is their only emotion with Babri masjid. If you represent Mohamad or Ram then you can not spread nuisance in the name of religion. Religion should always be a ground of living a piety life, it should not be a ground of communal disbalance or split between comunities. So lets demostrate the humanity that Rama and Mohamad demonstrated. With these words I am signing off for now. Please let me know your opinions about the “Dispute to Verdict(Babri masjid)” in comments and share this article if you liked it. Please visit http://ourblogger.in/ for more such content. Please like ourblogger on facebook by clicking the link   https://www.facebook.com/ourblogger.in/                 

किसे पता था इंसानियत इतना गिरेगी, बांट कर मजहब भगवान का फैसला करेगी।

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